Taiwan is an island around 36,000 square km in size with sharp topographic reliefs due to active arc-continent collision. With a long coastline of 1566 km, the prosperity of Taiwan is closely depends on oceans. Therefore, to understand and to study the ocean surrounding Taiwan are compulsory. The Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University (IONTU) was established in 1968 by the Ministry of Education as the first educational and research institute for oceanic sciences in Taiwan. In the past 46 years, IONTU has been devoting to marine science education as well as to the investigation of marine environments around Taiwan.

In order to deepen and promote ocean researches, protect our marine environments and resources, integrate engineering and technology, develop ocean laws and economic policies, carry out general and professional educations, and provide services on marine investigations and information, the Ocean Center of NTU was established by integrating the facilities and experts from related departments and institutes of NTU in December 2012. This center aims to take the responsibilities of making ocean policy suggestions to governmental agencies and to promote ocean science and technology developments. The Ocean Center is located at the first floor of the Global Change Research Center on NTU campus.