The ocean, which makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface, is one of the remaining uncharted territories on Earth despite being a defining component of our planet and essential to life as we know it. Understanding every aspect of the ocean, as well as its intricate relationships with Earth as a whole, is crucial to the advancement of our planet. By researching and analyzing oceans, we can better understand the geological changes responsible by the ocean, and furthermore, promote public awareness of the value of the ocean and its resources.

By integrating the facilities and experts from related departments and institutes of NTU, the Ocean Center of NTU was established in December 2012. Its aims include deepening and promoting all aspects of ocean research, protecting our marine environments and resources, integrating engineering and technology, developing ocean laws and economic policies, carrying out general and professional education, and providing services on marine investigations and information. This center aims to take the responsibility of making ocean policy suggestions to governmental agencies and to promote ocean science and technological developments. The Ocean Center is located on the second floor of the Graduate Institute of Oceanography at the NTU campus.